What Should You Wear for a Triathlon?

The clothing that you wear while you are training and participating in a triathlon is very important. It is most important that the clothes keep you relaxed. While for most people, an outfit that is relaxed just means having a good fit, this has many different meanings in the world of the triathlete. The first question that you have to ask yourself is, “What am I going to face when I am in the race?” The next thing that should you should factor into your clothing decision is how you are going to train for the events. Then, you need to decide how these two issues will overlap to give you the best raceday outfit.

What Kind of race Will You be Running?

The triathlon is often a contest of around 16 miles that includes swimming, biking and running. There are other versions of the event that include these trials, but in other triathlons the mileage is extended. An example of this is the ultra-triathlon, which runs at a whopping 114 miles. Therefore, knowing what kind of race you are going to participate in will make a huge difference as to what you want to wear. Furthermore, people sometimes change clothes at each leg. This transition can add time, so having things that are easy to change out of is important.

How Will You Train for This Race?

Choosing how best to get yourself in shape is essential for any athlete. You will need to practice several different kinds of exercises for your body to be capable of completing a triathlon. Riding your bike, swimming to keep your stamina up, and running are all important components of your training. Often, wearing similar clothes to what you are wearing in training will work well during competition. You will already be used to the clothing, so you won’t have any surprises.

What Should I Wear Overall?

If you know how you will be competing, and you know what kind of training that you will be doing, then choose the clothes that will help your performance. For instance, swimming is often the first leg of the triathlon.

Choose a form-fitting trisuit, not a typical pair of swim shorts or one-piece. This will keep you frictionless in the water while helping you maintain a healthy body temperature. The biking section simply requires that you wear clothing that is not going to get caught in the wheels or chains. Cycling shorts and a cycling top could work very well here. Running is often the final leg, and it requires that you allow your skin to breath. Don’t forget the running shoes and a pair of dry socks to get you from Point A to Point B quickly!

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