Where Can I Find Vegan Chocolate?

Are you committed to a healthy, organic, vegan diet that has minimal impact on the planet? Do you nevertheless like to enjoy sweets? Have you ever wondered whether chocolate is vegan and whether you can consume chocolate on a vegan diet? Then this article should be of great interest to you.

Is Chocolate Vegan?

Chocolate originates from the pod or bean of the cocoa tree. So for that reason, yes, it can be considered “vegan” because it comes from a plant. However, the process of converting it into an edible delight typically involves introducing a number of additives (including sugar and milk) that can ruin its vegan status. Most chocolate, even very good quality chocolate, is processed in this fashion. More recently, however, many candy and chocolate manufacturers have become sensitive to the vegan population and will not include cheap, lesser quality additives into their products so as to render them more “pure”. So, for example, a “vegan approved” type of chocolate will only contain natural and non-dairy ingredients, such as simple cocoa and cocoa butter, raw sugar, lecithin, and perhaps pure vanilla to enhance the flavor. In this way, people who are dedicated to a vegan diet can avail themselves of this fabulous treat without compromising their principles.

Is Vegan Chocolate Hard to Find?

The good news is that dairy-, whey-, and casein-free chocolates are rather easy to come by these days. You can usually find them now in your local supermarket, with such well-known brands as Newman’s Own, Chocolove, and Trader Joe’s being. Such brands, however, are not typically associated with vegan diets and so are neither marketed nor labeled for that purpose. For those looking for an even healthier alternative, there are many other, but less well-known brands, that are available (e.g., Whole Foods and Plamil).

What About Vegan Chocolates?

However you actually need look no further than your local chocolatier for quality vegan chocolates. If you’re interested in giving a special vegan in your life a gift of chocolates that they will be able to indulge and enjoy, then consider some of these decadent, yet genuinely vegan, options: Chocolate Covered Oreos, a Themed Box with 9 (absolutely fabulous) Truffles, Chocolate Glazed Fruit & Barks, and Themed Box with Truffles and Dipped Fruit. Why wait for a special occasion to order a customized basket of these vegan chocolates for that special someone in your life?

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