How To Buy Promotional Executive Pens

Promotional executive pens are slightly more expensive than the typical promotional pen, which is usually made out of plastic and contains a ballpoint tip. Executive pens are an ideal promotional gift for those a business owner is trying to impress, or for businesses that target a more prestigious market. There are tons of promotional executive pens on the market, in a number of different styles with a variety of tips, styles, and functions. When choosing the right promotional executive pen for your business, it’s a good idea to be informed about these different types, so you can ensure you purchase the right pen for your client base.

Style of Tip

Generally speaking, there are three main different tips used in executive pens: ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain. Avoid giving away fountain pens, as these are messy, difficult to use, and will not likely be included in your client’s regular pen rotation – rendering your branding moot. Ballpoint and rollerball pens are the most popular choices, and require the least amount of maintenance. They are also significantly easier to use, and there is less concern about breakage and with ink drying. In addition, high-quality, executive ballpoint pens are much less likely to smudge, and will see much more use.


Executive pens are available in a variety of functions as well. Some are simply a pen, while others also contain a stylus, which is handy for those who use touch screen electronic devices on a regular basis. If you opt for one of these pens, ensure that the stylus is wide enough to actually make an impression on the screen, and that it is clear that that portion of the pen is indeed a stylus. Other executive pens often contain a highlighter as part of their functionality, which is handy for graduate students and teachers alike. Others still also contain USB drives, which make the pen larger and a bit bulkier, but are also highly useful. Purchasing an executive pen that includes other functions is a great way to ensure your branding is viewed on a regular basis.

Know Your Client Base

The most important thing when selecting an executive pen to promote your business is to know your client base and understand their needs. Choose a pen that is one your clients will likely use in their every day lives to ensure regular use – this also ensures that your client is reminded of your branding each time he or she pulls out their pen.

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