How to Get the Best Flavor From your E-Liquids

Vaping is more than just getting your nicotine fix. It is also about savoring the different flavors of e-cig liquid that are out there. Getting the best flavor out of your e-liquids takes more than just pouring it into your e-cig. There are processes to consider, and products to buy, to truly maximize your experience. If you don’t do this, you are getting a subpar experience, and missing out on the subtle flavors and nuances that come with truly tasting e-liquids as they are meant to be.

Do not Mix and Match Flavors

One of the worst possible “sins” that you can do when it comes to e-cig liquids is mixing different e-cig flavors together. Yes, some people with drip tips tend to use one e-liquid after another without changing the cotton within. The end result is a Frankenstein creation that tastes terrible. If you are going to use a different flavor, please make sure to replace the cotton on your drip tip or entirely empty out your tank before placing a new flavor in it. If you don’t, you aren’t getting the most out of your e-cig vaping experience.

Replace your Coils

Whether you’re using a drip tip or a tank, you need to replace the coils as indicated by the manufacturer of your e-cig. One of the best indicators when it comes to knowing when to replace the coil of a drip tip is if the smoke you’re taking in has a slight “burned” taste to it.

Another indicator is the general condition of the coil itself, if it is black and the silver coloration is gone, then you should replace it immediately. In the case of tank type e-cigs, the coil inside is generally replaced once every one to two weeks depending on the level of usage. There are coils, like the Aspire Nautilus replacement coils, that tend to last longer than ordinary coils, they are still generally replaced after three weeks.

Get a Good Coil

Aside from replacing your coils, another technique to enjoy the full flavors of your e-liquid is to buy high-quality coils like the Aspire Nautilus replacement coils. What makes these special is that they have larger wicking holes and use organic cotton. Combined, these two characteristics enhance the overall flavor of the e-liquid that you are using.

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