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Ear Stretching Is Popular for Both Men and Women

Currently, when it comes to piercings ear stretching is the one that is being sought out and done by people. Ear stretching is popular for both men and women for various reasons. Some may choose to have their ears stretched to make a statement whereas others opt to do it because it


Putting the Scare in Your Accessories

Even those with a love of all things scary deserve to look their best when going out. If you are like the many people in the world who have a love and fascination with horror movies, dark objects, and even cursed jewels, then normal every day accessories just will not do. Getting


9 Common Misconceptions About Jewelry Repair

Misinformation about jewelry repair abounds, causing many consumers to make unfortunate decisions. To avoid making mistakes with jewelry repair, do some research first and know what to expect. Be the first to like. Like Unlike


Tips for Designing Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Most women would agree that the most important piece of jewelry they will ever receive in their life is their engagement ring. This symbolizes the promise of forever with the person they love. The only thing that can make this moment even more special is if their partner has created something custom


Finding High-Quality Accessories for Today’s Gauged Ears

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when it seemed that every teenager and young adult was jumping on the trend of gauging their ears. This process – involving the use of graduated plugs to facilitate the gradual stretching of the preexisting holes present in earlobes from traditional piercings – was

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