Why Should You Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry to a Professional Buyer?

Having a lot of extra diamonds lying around is not a problem many people have. However, most of us do have a few pieces of jewelry in our possession that we no longer want or need. Whether it’s a ring from a failed marriage, a necklace from a former lover, or simply


How a Coffee Tricycle Can Boost Businesses

The tricycle is probably the quaintest and most ubiquitous of vehicles in the world, found all over Europe, Asia and the United States. In recent years, cafes and other coffee-associated businesses have been using coffee tricycles to promote themselves locally. Be the first to like. Like Unlike Share! Tweet


Designing A Multi-Tier Cake Using Round Cake Pans

Making a tiered cake is more challenging than making a layered cake. A layered cake uses multiple layers of similarly sized cakes, usually round and one to two inches in depth. These are layered on top of each other and separated with frosting or filling. Be the first to like. Like Unlike


Explore the Leotards Offered by Garland Activewear

At Garland Activewear, we’re proud to carry the best gymnastics leotards available. Regardless of your size or the style of leotard you’re looking for, we’ll have something that’s perfect for you. We have unique items for the holidays or ones that are designed for competition. By carrying stock items and offering custom


Choosing Embroidery in Kansas City to Make Gifts More Personal

When it comes to gift giving, there is no better gift than a personal one. Personalized gifts mean so much more to the recipient because it tells them that a lot of thought went into the gift. There are many options regarding personalized gifts. Embroidery in Kansas City and the surrounding area

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