Reusable Shopping Bags: The Benefits of Doing Away with Plastic

Recycling has bring growing in America and with good reason. Many experts say unrecyclable plastic is overloading our landfills, contaminating our water supply, and releasing harmful chemicals into the environment in which we live.

Plastic shopping bags are a large part of the problem. Plastic bags are made from petroleum oil and only a tiny portion of them are ever recycled. The rest become garbage in landfills and can take up to a millennium to degrade. Considering the amount of shopping the average American family does in an ordinary week, that’s a very alarming fact.

Reusable shopping bags are the modern answer to this problem. More and more states are beginning to curtail the use of plastic bags. Some cities and states are even banning their use altogether. An environmentally friendly alternative is reusable shopping bags. The typical option available is a canvas bag, which are reasonably priced and durable. Another perk to using these bags is most grocery chains will take a few cents off your order for each reusable bag you provide that was necessary to hold your groceries.

A Trendy New Consumer Option

Modern reusable shopping bags are modeled off the original idea of the older tote bag but are much more trendy and stylish. Consumers can find them in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns. They are innately practical because they can be used over and over again and only require mild cleaning once in a while. They are large enough to hold a bag of groceries or department store purchases. Designed to be lightweight with convenient carrier handles, they are still durable enough to hold the heavy items.

The Ideal Business Advertisement

Businesses in the past have displayed their logos and marketing information on mobile trucks sent on specific routes, to carry their message to consumers. Fashionable new reusable shopping bags are large enough to display a business logo and targeted information about the business. Instead of reaching consumers in a specifically designed route, reusable shopping bags have the potential to carry the business message to just about anywhere. It’s an inexpensive marketing tool that works passively and effectively.

An Innovative Product for Fundraisers

Schools, churches and other organizations are always looking for a new way of approaching fundraisers. They want a product which can become popular and be sold to a large number of people, yet inexpensive enough to purchase in large quantity. Reusable shopping bags fit the bill in every detail. They’re versatile and practical, usable by people everywhere, and are a delightfully green alternative to the standard over-implemented fundraising products.

Reusable shopping bags, wherever they are used, carry a very important message: we care enough about our planet to not do it harm. If you’re looking for a reusable bag with a little more style than your average grocery store canvas bag, then you should check out Mixed Bag Designs. They have their own fundraising program which boasts a 50% profit return margin.

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