Tips and Advice for Use When Buying a Titanium Wedding Band

Buying titanium wedding bands can pose the odd quandary as they are available in such a wide variety from a simple band, studded with diamonds or other precious stones, in cooperation with precious metals such as gold and silver or with sapphires. Titanium wedding bands are influenced by what can be done with the metal by an experienced craftsman. There are things that are unique about titanium wedding bands; perhaps the following information will come in handy when the choice is made.

Titanium is a metal and it is perhaps the hardest and lightest metal ever processed. It will outlast any of the softer metals normally used for rings such as gold, silver and platinum. The metal is inherently hypoallergenic and will not irritate the skin of anyone nor will it discolor.

When purchasing a titanium wedding band for either the bride or the groom bear in mind that the material cannot be soldered therefore the opportunity to resize the ring is nil. At times and with patience a titanium ring can be increased in size slightly by stretching but there is no possibility or making the ring smaller. Every titanium ring is custom made so the detail must be perfect, if you are ordering a titanium wedding band from an online jeweler make sure he or she is given the exact ring size. A local jeweler can give you your ring size easily enough.

Many modern couples are finding that titanium wedding bands are actually a very good choice. The material is very strong and stands up well to day to day wear and potential abuse. Because the titanium ring is made from a very tough material it will not scratch near as much as the softer precious metals such as gold. As titanium wedding bands cannot be resized a decision must be made up front about the grade of material that you will specify. In the event of an emergency and the ring must be cut off then commercial grade titanium is the choice as it can be cut, but with some difficulty. Aircraft grade titanium simply cannot be cut off because of its properties. For a wedding band commercial grade titanium is the logical choice.

When ordering titanium wedding bands you may wish to specify the width as well as the size. A ladies band is usually between 3 to 4 mm whereas a man’s band is between 5 and 7 mm. The width is somewhat important if the bands are to be inlaid with wood, meteorite stone or precious metal. The wider the band the more room the craftsman has to work with and the more dramatic the rings can be, but be aware however that a man’s band in excess of 8mm can be quite uncomfortable.




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