Wedding Bands for Men

When asked what kind of wedding band the Dallas groom prefers, by the bride, he should not start naming off some of his favorite rock groups, such as Led Zeppelin (which would not work well at a wedding) or even something more traditional, such as a Mariachi band. The joke will likely not bode well for him. By “wedding band”, of course, Dallas brides have in mind that particular adornment that more or less seals the deal, symbolizes love and commitment, and is to be worn for better or for worse, ‘til death do you part.

It is actually a recent phenomenon for men to wear a wedding band. Dallas grooms, however, take it for granted that they will wear one as a mark of fidelity and commitment, both to show their mutual love for their marital partner, and as a way of signifying to other women that they are “taken”. The practice of groom’s wearing bands did not actually start until around the time of World War II, however. The fact that this has become a part of culture is taken for granted, as if it was always the case.

Men’s bands that have diamonds are usually imbedded rather than put out on display as they are for women. While many men are satisfied with a wedding band bought at a Dallas jewelry store that is simple and unadorned, curved or flat, inlaid diamonds can add a significant texture to the ring without being too flashy or feminine.

Other than gold, which is the most popular choice of wedding band in Dallas for men, many men are satisfied with a sterling silver band that works quite well, especially if the cost of the item is coming out of their paycheck. The main problem with sterling silver, however, is that it is easily scratched, dented and damaged. For others no expense is too great for the women they love, and slightly more expensive white gold bands with inlaid diamonds, flat toned and textured to evoke power and authority, may be preferred.

Men have as many choices as women when it comes to wedding bands, so the decision should be carefully considered. Choosing a band that possibly complements the bride’s is a possibility, but not absolutely necessary. It has a certain romantic overtone, but is not a requirement for what the wedding band stands for in any Dallas marriage.  Often, most of the cost associated with rings will be deferred for the bride’s diamond, and most men are satisfied to acquire a cheaper band to symbolize their love and sacrifice for their future spouse.

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