A Quick Guide to Diamond Pendant Designs

Diamonds can become one of the most valuable and sentimental gifts that we give to our partners. Before you do, though, you should be up to date on the latest diamond pendant design and, most importantly, which one you should buy. What are pendant settings? Why are they important? What should you be paying attention to?

Setting Styles – What you need to Know?

There are many popular setting styles which include:

• Prongs – There are usually four prongs in these designs, and they are popular because they allow for the greatest light penetration. Light penetrates back into the eye of the diamond and makes it not only look more beautiful but also more dynamic.

• Halo Setting – In this setting, you have metal surrounding the stone in a bezel. While it doesn’t allow for as much light penetration into the rock itself, it is quite beautiful in its way.

Getting the Best Diamond on the Market

Finding the best diamond and setting is often a matter of opinion because many people have their ideas about what makes a diamond or its setting great. The best piece of advice that you can be given in this regard is to seek out a piece that is made by a professional and certified jeweler. You may also want to make sure that you are searching for the best vendors on the market as this will greatly improve your chances.

Whether it’s your anniversary, a birthday, or something else entirely, properly seated diamonds in beautiful settings are often one of the most popular and most worthwhile choices that you can make. Don’t pass it up, and know what you’re buying.

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