5 Ways to Master Baking

Baking is a fun way to express your creativity. But you’ll need to master the basics first if you want to get better at it. Check out the following pointers to make that happen.

Use same-temperature ingredients

Piping hot cream over chilly chocolate can create a mess. If you don’t want the cocoa fat to separate and turn your sauce oily and unappetizing, then use ingredients that are at the same temperature.

Buy quality bakeware

Successful baking results is a product of more than skill. You need to invest in quality baking tools online too. These may set you back a lot ,but it’s going to be worth every bit of the investment. Otherwise, going for flimsy pans and trays will result in poor heat conduction and lead to unappealing baking results, says Bon Appetit.

Butter your pans generously

Don’t try to skimp on ingredients. That’s always going to show through the taste of your baked goods. If you need to grease the pans, butter it up a lot. Cover every nook and cranny when you apply the butter to the pans to avoid any sticking problems.

Pick the digital scale

Make your measurements as exact as possible by shopping for a digital scale. That should eliminate any room for error. Getting rid of the guesswork will turn you into a better baker.

Toss out the old ones

If you have other kitchen tools around, then it’s a good idea to use them, right? Not if those tools have been in your kitchen since 2008. Check the tools and bakeware for damage and wear. That could affect the taste of your baked goods. Don’t take the risk. Keep them with you for old-time’s sake but toss them from your kitchen and shop for new baking tools online from N.Y. Cake.

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