Looking for Floor or Table Lamps, Find a Great Selection in Chicago

Lamps and lighting are essential in the design of beautiful rooms. Floor lamps serve a dual purpose; they are beautiful pieces of furniture in themselves, and they can be used effectively to create a certain mood in the room. Buying the right lamp for your Chicago area home takes thought and study. There are questions that you need to ask yourself, as you will want to make sure you get the right style, base, and shade to suit your needs.

What Do You Want of Your Floor Lamp?

A floor lamp is far more than simply something that provides illumination; a floor lamp can be a feature in the room. When chosen correctly, it can add a splash of color and character or, if the objective is to design a soft, warm, room, the lamp can blend into the furnishings and accessories.

The first thing you must do is decide if you want the lamps to make a statement, or do you want them to go unnoticed? A lot depends on the available space; an otherwise empty corner can be filled nicely with a tripod floor lamp.

If you want to get the “wow” effect, you may want to choose a simple base but splash out on a colorful shade that certainly adds color to any room.

What Kind of Illumination Are You Looking For?

Table and floor lamps can be used for task lighting as well as ambient lighting. Deciding what the lamp is to do will help you make the right choice.

If you want the perfect lamp for beside your favorite chair, a lamp that will make reading the Chicago newspaper easy, choose one where the bottom of the shade is at your eye level when you are sitting in the chair. Decorative lighting, where you want to highlight a wall feature such as a work of art is best accomplished using an opaque or semi-translucent shade.

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