What Are the Advantages of Using Fixed Blade Knives?

Folding knives are easy to conceal and transport or carry on your person. However, fixed blades also provide a few great advantages. If you are shopping for a new knife, discover the top reasons why you should choose a fixed blade.

Fixed Blades Come in a Variety of Styles

Non-folding knives, or fixed blade knives, are available in many sizes and styles to suit your needs. This includes large butcher knives and small combat knives. You can find knives designed for cutting, hunting, food preparation, and more.

Never Worry About Your Knife Breaking

Fixed blade knives are easier to maintain than folding knives. You never need to worry about the hinge breaking. With a fixed blade, there is no hinge or moving parts. These knives are unlikely to break, which makes them easier to maintain.

With a fixed blade knife, the blade and handle are connected and fixed in place. This results in a sturdier design than folding knives. The durability of fixed blade knives should offer many years of use without risk of breaking.

Fixed Blades Are Always Ready to Use

You need to unfold a folding knife before using it. While it may only take seconds to unfold a knife, fixed blade knives are always ready to use. You can quickly draw your fixed blade and be ready for any type of situation.

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Fixed blades provide several great advantages over folding knives. They are durable, easy to maintain, and always ready for action. Find the right knife for your collection, whether you need a knife for hunting, combat, food prep, or displaying.

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