5 Ways to Help You Bake Cupcakes Like a Pro

Whipping up cupcakes in your kitchen is easy. Here are expert tips to help you churn out cupcakes for friends, family, and even potential buyers and do it like a pro.

Read through the recipe

It’s a bad idea to follow the instructions from the get-go. Make sure you read through the entire recipe first. That should give you a clear idea of how to proceed through the recipe.

Buy an oven thermometer

Among the supplies you can’t live without is an oven thermometer. Find out what the temperature in your oven is. If it’s off by as much as 75 degrees, you’ll need to get repairs done before you bake your next batch of cupcakes, the Food Network says.

Order from a reputable shop

Order cupcake supplies from a reputable and trustworthy shop. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting low-quality supplies, equipment, and tools.

Check the dates

If you already have some of the supplies, have them ready. Check the dates on the ingredients first before you use any of them, though. If they’ve been open past six months of use, you may need to consider opening a new pack. Running low on supplies? Put in an order for cupcake supplies so you won’t run out. If you have no supplies, though, you can check out online shops that provide same-day pickup. Others offer free shipping when you exceed a certain amount for your orders. Take advantage of these perks when you shop online.

Measure carefully

The right tools can make this easier. You’ll want to add a couple of measuring tools to your collection of baking tools. Dry and wet materials often have different measuring tools. Do your homework, so you’ll know which tools you’ll need to prioritize. This will usually depend on the kind of baked goodies and treats you want to make.

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