Top 5 Cheap Cigars from Cuba

Looking for affordable Cuban cigars? Here is a list of the cheapest Cuban cigars you can find for less than £ 3 apiece when purchased as a box of 25. Any one of these cigars will allow you to buy in bulk, especially if you are an experienced smoker who likes to keep a supply. This is a list you can afford to enjoy.

Guantanamera cigars are a Cuban-owned brand, with a version also made in the United States. The brand made in Cuba is a machine-made cigar option for consumers who are looking for cheap cigars, while the classification for the hand rolled U.S. brand cigar is premium. The blend is mildly flavored so it is a good choice for a beginner smoker, but any cigar smoker can enjoy them.

Jose L. Piedra
Initially established in the 1880’s and re-introduced into the market in 1996, the Jose L. Piedra cigar is a popular brand in Cuba. It is a machine-made cigar that holds a mild-to medium body. It has a strong flavor and uses a Vuelta Arriba region short-filler tobacco. The Jose L. Piedra cigar is competitively priced and produced in Santa Clara, Cuba.

Statos De Luxe Delirios
As a discontinued brand in 2005, Statos De Luxe Delirios cigars are one of the best deals because they are hard to find. This cigar, made by the Vancouver Cigar Company, is an old school cigar with a smooth taste. With its woody flavor, this reasonably priced cigar is a rare find but worth trying at least one time.

The Quintero cigar is a premium Cuban brand made from tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo and Semi-Vuelta areas of Pinar del Río in Cuba. Known for its medium to full strength body, this handmade cigar shares a mix of herbal flavor with a sweet aftertaste. If you are looking for cheap cigars, the Quintero is a possible pick.

H. Upmann Epicures
H. Upmann Epicures cigars date back to 1944. This cigar was a favorite of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The line of cigars offers a range of handmade and machine-made products of different sizes. H. Upmann Epicures cigars contain a mild to medium strength from premium tobacco leaves of the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba.

You can’t beat the price on these world-class Cuban cigars. Available in boxes of 25 cigars, you can get a deal on this variety of Cuban cigars for less than £ 3 apiece. You won’t sacrifice quality, as some of the selections are premium grade cigars. If you are looking for cheap cigars, these are some great affordable options that you can try and buy in bulk if you’d like.

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