Popular Ideas Behind the Popular Winchester Little Cigars

It is said that the Winchester brand of little cigars were named after the Winchester gun, a gun reported to have “won the west.” They were created in 1971 by RJ Reynolds and become an increasingly popular brand for the United States.

Reynolds had been in the tobacco business since 1875 and his company is still going strong, so in the 1970s, he decided to create a small cigar that was about the size of a cigarette. These little cigars were meant to be smoked in about the same time as a cigarette, and because cigars weren’t and still aren’t supposed to be inhaled, they were thought to be a safer option than smoking large cigars and cigarettes. While studies have debunked the theory of safe smoking of any brand or type of device, the brand is still considered popular.

Because Winchester guns were so popular and a big part of the American tradition and history, so is the Winchester little cigars.


Because of the “high priced” name, many people feel that Winchester cigars are a little overpriced. However, if you compare these little cigars to brand-name cigarettes, you will find that the price is about the same, or a little cheaper. In some cases, searching multiple online cigar shops will help you find the lowest price available. Many times, the most inexpensive option runs about $44.00, not including any tax.


While the little cigar will never be able to compete with its full size brother cigar, it does add the same feel as the cigar. Little cigars are not usually meant to be inhaled, just like a full-size cigar and look similar, though smaller. However, they are usually packaged like cigarettes, meaning a carton has 10 boxes, each with 20 little cigars.

For those aficionados that cannot bear to smoke anything but a full-fledged cigar, these little options may not be a good choice. However, many people feel that the time it takes to smoke a cigar makes the whole process a little too difficult for daily routine, so they may switch to Winchester little cigars to smoke on the go and select a full-size cigar for enjoyment in the evening.


There are three main varieties available, including the full flavor kings, classic 100s and menthol versions. For a medium flavor, consider the classic and for a full, richer flavor, consider the kings.


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