Did You Know That You Can Now Buy Flavored Cigars Online?

Once upon a time, tobacco was smoked purely for the taste of the smoke produced when it was being burnt along with a slight “buzz” from the nicotine it contained. However, times change and several factors came about that changed people’s views on the whole concept of tobacco smoking.

Health Issues

This is not the place to go into the pros and cons of smoking; suffice to say that many people support the government line that smoking is not actually good for anyone. However, the amount of money that people pay – both to the tobacco industry and to the government in taxes – means that no one has gone the whole way and banned it completely. But, many restrictions have been put in place concerning what can or cannot be added to the tobacco; the form in which the tobacco can be made available; how and where it can be sold and to whom; plus where and when smokers will be allowed to light up.

At first, cigarettes where the main target of the anti-smoking lobby and cigars were deemed to be less harmful. For a while, cigars –especially small ones – were given a distinct tax advantage over cigarettes. This led to an upswing in demand for small cigars.

Fashion Trends

Cigars were long viewed as a satisfying long smoke (particularly at the end of a big meal) that could be enjoyed for quite a long time. However, when one is being forced to go outside to smoke; something smaller and less time consuming might be considered preferable. Add this to the price advantage and small cigars became quite fashionable.

Smoking something that has a taste other than of tobacco is a trend that really took off with the introduction of menthol tasting cigarettes. However, the regulators made it difficult for the cigarette industry to introduce any new flavors. Since these restrictions did not apply to cigars, flavored cigars grew in popularity. Now, you can buy Flavored Cigars Online that taste of just about any food, drink or spice that you might care to imagine (such as strawberry, coconut, rum or cinnamon, etc, etc).

Flavor can be added to the outer wrap; or, the tobacco itself can be marinated in the flavoring. Choice of flavor is, of course a very personal thing and; should you view yourself as a traditionalist; you can always get a wide choice of natural tobacco Flavored Cigars Online.

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