The History Of White Owl Cigars

There are two basic ways used in the manufacturing of cigars. These include the traditional option for hand rolling or hand making of the cigars, which is used around the world in all cigar producing countries. The other option is to have the cigars manufactured by machines, and it is in this group where you will find White Owl cigars.

Machine made cigars are often produced in the United States, although they are also made in other countries as well. The iconic White Owls were first produced in the United States in 1887 in Dothan, Alabama. The machine process allowed cigars to be produced that were highly uniforms in shape and quality, and that were also produced must faster than hand-rolled cigars.

Historically the production of White Owls included a blend of fillers from five different areas of South America. In addition, even though the wrapper is a sheet and not individual leaves, there is still a traditional binder, so these lower cost cigars offer a great smoking experience.

The New Options

The new White Owl cigars offer a much more extensive line than the original. However, the company continues to produce the tried and true tobacco that has come to be a signature of the brand.

As with all machine made cigars, these are still a much lower cost than the hand-rolled cigars, making them an affordable, enjoyable smoke. They are also very predictable with regards to smoking experience as there is minimal variation in the production. Their iconic white owl and their foil wrapped packages are still very much a part of the product lines.

These have a very uniform draw, which means they will stay light and smoke consistently all the way down the cigar. There is also a very uniform taste with the smoke as the density and roll of the cigar is uniform, allowing for a very even burn.

Today, you can buy White Owl cigars in a range of different flavors and even in different shapes and sizes. The flavored cigars are often cigar new smokers enjoy, but they can also be a favorite after dinner cigar as well.

Favorites include grape, peach, mango, berry, and strawberry in the flavored selections. These are typically available in most flavors, as well as the regular tobacco, in sizes from cigarillos through to cigars that are typically the petit corona size.

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