Why Not Snow? Unique Decorations For Your Hotel

The holiday season is coming up and many businesses have started putting up their decorations in order to create a festive cheer. Hotels in particular focus on making their decorations the best they can be in order to attract guests and make them feel that the hotel is a cozy place to stay. Since it has yet to start snowing, one way that a hotel can stand out from its competitors is to use an artificial snow machine to create a nice snowfall.

Why a Snow Machine?

Why not a snow machine? If you were to buy a small snow machine from a seller like Snowonder.com, you’d be able to purchase a model that creates a slow stream of fake snow that evaporates as soon as it reaches the ground. This prevents the buildup of a potentially slippery mess while creating a nice effect that will make the guests gaze on in wonder. Such a method would be even more effective if you could disguise the machine in something that looks like a cloud so the guests would believe that that the snow is coming from inside.

Is it Safe?

As per the details available on Chemistry.about.com and the Snowonder website, the snow is non-toxic and is actually safe for consumption, though it is not advisable due to the lack of any nutritional value whatsoever. Since it’s non-toxic, you won’t have to worry about accidentally poisoning your guests as they walk underneath the slow trickle of snowflakes. Do note though that if you do put the setting on high, the snow may build up faster than it evaporates, and since the artificial snow machine makes the snow almost like its real counterpart, it is also quite slippery. Please be sure to either place the machine on a low setting or have someone sweep away the excess snow if it builds up (you don’t want to injure your guests).

Is it Like the Fake Snow at Ski Resorts?

Looking at Mnn.com for details, it can be concluded that this is definitely not like the snow at ski resorts since that is produced by a machine that turns liquid water into actual frozen snow. As such, it is not advisable to use this type of snow to ski indoors or outdoors.

All in all, an artificial snow machine would definitely be a great way to create a unique decoration that would attract more people to your hotel.

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