Buying The Correct E Cigarette Charger

There is nothing worse the having your e-cig with you and finding out the batteries are dead, dying or simply not holding a charge. There are a few options that individuals have in the way of chargers, and depending how much you vape one or the other is going to be a great option

If you are using mods, then you need to have an e cigarette charger that can handle all of your battery sizes and charging needs. There are several different options available to charge multiple batteries with different currents and sizes.

Bigger and Better

For serious vapers, a 6 bay battery charger is a great option, but there are different features to look for on these devices. It is always critical to check to make sure the specific battery your device uses can be charged with any particular system, as there are limits on the charging currents as well as the maximum total charging current that can run at any one time.

Some of the top lines of these e cigarette charger options even come with a Bluetooth app that works from either an Android or Apple device. This allows you to configure each slot to a specific charge and for a specific battery type. This is incredibly handy to charge all the batteries you need for different devices at the same time.

These chargers also need to have a display that makes it easy to see the exact status of the charge. It should be easy to scroll between the batteries on the charger, giving you maximum control over charging without having to have multiple charging devices on hand.

Fully Automatic

The other option is to choose a smaller two or four battery charger that will automatically adjust to the most common batteries used for e-cigs. This usually includes Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries.

With this e cigarette charger, all you do is slide the batteries into the slot and the charger determines the battery and charges appropriately to the maximum charge. As with the larger options, the system reads each battery in the slot independently and stops charging when the individual battery is fully charged.

Both of these options are an excellent idea for the home or at the office. They are small, compact and durable, designed to enhance rechargeable battery life and performance.

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