What is a Wedding Officiant and What They Are Responsible for?

Some people may hear the term wedding officiant and not one hundred percent know what that means. A wedding officiant is the actual person that is responsible for leading the wedding ceremony itself. When it comes time for a wedding, there are many different people that can be involved, family friends, planners, etc. but most importantly is finding a cheap wedding officiant that will be able to marry you and your partner legally.

Proper Licensing is Required

A wedding officiant needs to have all of the proper licensing and be recognized legally by the state in which you are planning to marry. If you are religious, then your cheap wedding officiant will need to also be recognized by the religious organization in which you choose to marry. Depending on your denomination, some religious place may require the ceremony to be held at certain locations as well – so all of this information is good to know prior to making any solid plans.

Laws Vary from State to State

Wedding officiants do vary in price range as well as what they are legally capable of doing. Laws do vary from state to state but their official signature is typically what legally binds your marriage on paper. Their signature basically states that they do not know of any reason as to why you and your partner should not be bound by marriage – somewhat like a legal stamp of approval.

In a more traditional setting, a clergy from the church or civil officiants were the ones who typically led the wedding ceremonies, but as time progressed – so did the options available to people getting married. More and more often we are starting to see people who would like to have their friends, close relatives, etc. marry them. If you are search of a cheap wedding officiant, then you have come to the right location here with Texas Wedding Ministers.

We have a few options available to those who are looking to get married, legally but aren’t going way overboard on money spending. Your moment can still be incredibly special giving you the ultimate control on the direction that the ceremony goes. Give us a call to set up a consultation appointment and we can discuss the fine details of your special day. Texas Wedding Ministers has numerous costs effective options available so you can focus on the more important aspects of your wedding.

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