The Benefits of Organic Baby Products

More and more people today are switching to organic purchases when it comes to nutrition. Organic simply means the product is produced without any added growth hormones, antibiotics, or harmful pesticides. An organic toddler formula is milk based and contains all the nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for growth and development.

Strong Developmental Support

In support of strong mental and visual development, organic toddler formulas contain DHA and ARA which are naturally occurring fats that are found within breast milk. There are many store brand formulas that are certified by the National Organic Program (NOP) for meeting the requirements necessary for organic production. The formula’s milk base is provided directly from cows that organically raised and fed in the outdoors, and are provided with feed that does not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics.

Strict Policy and Law Adherence

Most of the store brand formulas are directly comparable to national brands strictly because all formula manufactures are required to follow strict guidelines that are within the law and enforced by the FDA. These guidelines do not change or differentiate between companies which mean that no one company produces a formula that is better than the other. According to studies completed by the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S., children consume larger quantities of food than adults. It is important to note that non-organic baby products will not cause developmental problems when consumed. However, products that contain growth hormones or that were raised using pesticides could lead to possible side effects such as, lung or nervous system damage, dysfunction within the reproductive, endocrine or immune systems. Organic foods often posses higher levels of nutritional value, which would be a benefit to your overall infant’s health.

It is important to always read all of the ingredients listed on packaging of infant products. Make sure you are not introducing anything that could be potentially harmful to your child. While organic toddler formulas could be beneficial, it is important to make sure that you enlist the advice of your child’s Doctor before making any dietary changes. Getting this advice ahead of time is one way you can help to ensure that all of your child’s dietary needs are met.

The Parent’s Choice product line is a private label that is offered only by Wal-Mart. In their preparation of formulas and foods for infants and toddlers, they have met or exceeded industry requirements and standards that are monitored by the FDA and other organizations. Their affordability is satisfying to any budget. Parent’s all over the world agree that is it a good product. You can purchase the organic toddler formula and other products in the store or for added convenience you can purchase these products online.

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