Make Her Even More Beautiful: Gold Ring Mountings

When it comes time to purchase a diamond ring for that special someone, the choices can be overwhelming. You want it to be perfect, to be everything she has dreamed of. There are many beautiful ring mountings availalbe to choose from. You can make an informed decision by finding out a little about your lady’s taste in jewelry and then meeting with a reputable professional jeweler.

Start with the Right Color of Gold

This may be the easiest part of finding the right ring. Look carefully at your girl’s other jewelry. Most women have a preference for either yellow or white gold. This is a good place to start when designing the perfect ring. White gold has been the most popular choice in recent years and it is an ideal material for diamond and gemstone settings because of its strength and neutral color. A white gold ring may also allow her engagement ring to match other pieces she may be wearing at the same time. Yellow gold on the other hand can add a lovely warmth and color contrast to an engagement ring. Twenty years ago most engagement rings were of yellow gold and today, yellow gold is making a strong comeback amongst consumers. Rose gold is on trend and gaining ground in the marketplace daily. This pink toned gold is a warm rosy hue colored with copper in the alloy. Take some time to learn which the recipient would prefer. Excellent gold ring mountings are waiting for you.

Types of Mountings

This part may be a little trickier if you are maintaining an element of surprise. There are an abundance of beautiful choices at your favorite jeweler. First decide what you would like as the center focus of the ring. Would she prefer a diamond or a colored stone? If she wants a diamond, choosing the diamond shape is a good place to start. For a simple and elegant look, a classic solitaire gold ring mounting might be perfect. For something classic but on trend, a diamond halo ring mounting is a terrific choice. A center diamond surrounded by a diamond halo serves to accentuate the shape of the center diamond and will also make the center diamond look bigger. A diamond halo surrounding a colored gemstone provides a rich and beautiful color contrast. Consider her lifestyle and profession when choosing her gold ring mounting. If she is very active, you might choose a six prong rather than a four prong gold ring mounting to provide extra security. If she works in a profession where she wears gloves or works with her hands, a low profile ring with the gems sitting closer to the hand would be a good choice. Consider the wedding band that will go with her engagement ring as well. Will she want the two rings to fit closely together? Will she ever want to wear the wedding band on its own? These questions should be considered when designing your gold ring mounting. Your jeweler can help you plan and design a set that will work perfectly for her lifestyle.

Consult a Professional

A consultation with a skilled professional jeweler can help answer many of your questions and put your mind at ease. A professional jeweler will have up to date knowledge on pricing and fashion trends and will have insights on what may be the best choice for your gold ring mountings. Your jeweler does this every day and has the insight and experience you need to get the best ring for your girl. Take the pressure off with careful observation and planning. Take the guesswork out by observing her current jewelry, talking to her friends, and paying attention to her subtle hints. Seek the help of a well reviewed professional that can help you sort things out.

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