Making The Cut: Choosing The Best E Cig Juice

With all the various options in nicotine juice on the market today, it can be challenging to try to find the best e cig juice for you, or to give to someone else as a gift.

Ideally, and this is true for most people who enjoy vaping, there isn’t just one e-juice that is the best, rather there are several different brands and flavors that are best option for a given vaping experience.

Daily Vaping Options

For example, many of our customers have a daily vape. This is the best e cig juice to grab any time of the day or the evening to get that flavorful vaping experience that allows you to unwind, relax and just sit back and enjoy life.

Depending on your flavor preferences, this is often a blend. Many of our customers prefer a fruit and creamy flavor, which is slightly sweet with the hint of tartness of the fresh fruit component. Popular options include blueberries, strawberries and even tropical or citrus fruits with the cream undertone for a smooth finish.

There are also those who enjoy the traditional tobacco flavors in vapes or the nut and spice varieties. These are great options, and they tend to change flavor slightly with steeping, allowing different elements of the flavor profile to come to the surface and change over time.

Morning and Coffee Break Vaping Flavors

There are so many great flavors of e-juice that make a natural match for a morning coffee break, an after breakfast vape, or perhaps even an afternoon vaping break.

These may be slightly sweeter than the daily vaping options and include such tantalizing flavors as cinnamon buns, banana nut bread, chocolate chip cookies, berry crumbles, cereal and cream, or even French toast or apple strudel varieties. These are also great after dinner and evening vapes, and they are will become your best e cig juice to go with when you want something that really hits the spot.

Dessert Flavors

Adding to the sweeter flavors described above, the dessert flavors of e cig juice are absolutely fantastic when you want a great flavor. Some of the most popular include the ice cream flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, all with the custard or cream base.

Additionally, look for apple and pumpkin pie, chocolate and mint, Bavarian cream, and many different types of cheesecakes.

By having your best e cig juice on hand from several different categories, you can always find just the flavor you want to satisfy your vaping needs.

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