BB Sniper Rifles – The Unsung Heroes on the Battlefield

Airsoft sports have truly advanced to become tactical warfare games, where teams must carefully plan to work together, support each other and enjoy victories as a unit. However, those who enjoy utilizing BB sniper rifles to make a difference from a distance are often overlooked when recalling the action.

They are the unsung heroes on the field, but always ensure that they have their team’s backs covered while simultaneously offering a strong offense.

The Backline Support Taking Down Frontline Fighters

Snipers are unique units on the battlefield that don’t get directly involved in combat. Instead, they find suitable locations that are far from the action but offer great cover and a good view of the field. From there, they will provide cover to ensure their team doesn’t get flanked.

In addition, a good sniper will also support their team with suppression fire. This is when a constant barrage of bullets are aimed at an enemy’s cover, preventing them from being able to fire back. By doing so, it allows team members to move to better positions or more effective cover with a reduced threat of being shot.

Silent, Patient and Deadly from a Distance

In advanced matches, a sniper is an invaluable asset to any team. While remaining at a very safe distance, a sniper will focus on three primary objectives:

  • Covering the team from flanks

  • Offering suppression fire to allow the assault squad to get into position

  • Taking out any enemies who are unwittingly out of position

This of course makes the role of a sniper defensive and supportive in nature, albeit with offensive and aggressive tactics. Rather than remaining with the team and having the same field of view, a sniper can oversee the action and take control of many situations, with the best of them doing so while remaining unseen.

However, nobody can win alone in this team game, and a sniper also relies on a good team to assist if discovered by the enemy. A long barrel sniper rifle is unwieldy in close combat, making the user a vulnerable target if caught off guard. But that’s one of the key features that make airsoft sports so fun, that you can’t simply win alone and must work, communicate and ultimately win as a team.

So take your airsoft matches to the next level with BB sniper rifles and show your enemies that the best defense really is a strong offense. For a wide selection of airsoft sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, accessories and even grenades, check out AirsoftGi – Airsoft providers, players and professionals who are passionate about airsoft sports and equipment.

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