GreenGuard – A Guarantee to Wolf-Gordon Customers

We at Wolf-Gordon have proven our commitment to the environment by offering upholstery fabrics and wallpaper coverings that are GreenGuard certified. That means we are devoted to creating products that meet specific standards with respect to environmental sustainability and indoor air quality.

So, you may be wondering what exactly is involved in GreenGuard certification? Any manufacturer’s product that is GreenGuard certified must adhere to certain standards – standards that promote the sale and use of materials that are non-toxic in character. Therefore, quality tracking of items is a part of determining a product’s attributes when it comes to keeping the air free of chemicals and their compounds.

As a result, we at Wolf-Gordon are happy that we can incorporate the use of our products in sustainable commercial and residential settings and that our products meet the GreenGuard list of standards regarding indoor air quality. The certification itself is rather stringent and requires precise emissions testing, review of indoor air quality standards, and risk evaluations too

Sick-Building Syndrome

In fact, the products that the certification agency tests are examined for over 10,000 individual volatile organic compounds. These substances are a major reason that the indoor air in a home or office can become polluted. This type of pollution not only causes flu-like or cold-like symptoms, it can also lead to “sick-building syndrome” and other health issues such as fatigue and migraine headaches. Building materials and wallcoverings are the major culprits in causing these kinds of maladies.

Safeguarding Homes and Offices

Therefore, the GreenGuard process entails using materials science, supply chain review, audits from manufacturers, and emission testing of materials, to ensure that wallcoverings, upholstery materials, and architectural materials are made with components that reduce the emission of VOCs.

In-depth material evaluations are required before certification. Not only that, rigorous testing requirements are maintained for re-certification too. Monitoring tests, undertaken quarterly, ensure that any alterations have not occurred in the products that are already certified.

We are Fully Devoted to the “Color of Green”

Our products, such as cork and grass cloth, are not only utilized to reduce tree harvesting, they are also made to keep people from succumbing to illnesses from unnatural or man-made materials. When it comes to sustainability then, we at Wolf-Gordon are fully devoted to the entire process. Our fabric coverings are some of the safest and most cost-effective materials on the market today.

So, environmental certification is important to us here at Wolf-Gordon just as it is to our loyal base of customers. We do all we can to make sure we are providing businesses and individuals with the finest sustainable products on the market today. We encourage you to review our product lines and see why we stand apart from other companies.

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