Smooth, simple vanilla

Vanilla pretty much goes with everything, which is why we use it in a lot of our flavors. It’s a smooth, versatile flavor that offers just enough sweetness without becoming overpowering.

Pure, French vanilla

For a pure vanilla experience, you’ll want to snag yourself a bottle of our Frenilla eJuice. It features a rich, complex flavor profile that is in constant demand from our customers. It contains our carefully-crafted house Vanilla Bean Steep.


If you still want a fairly pure vanilla vaping experience with just a hint of a twist, look no further than Strawnilla. Some people still like to mix it with Frenilla for added smoothness, but a lot of our customers will vape it straight. Frenilla and Strawnilla are both great flavors right out of the box, but a week or two of extra steeping will really bring out the creamy vanilla flavors.


Our other flavors that feature vanilla tones are: Crème Brulee, Custard’s Last Stand, The Virus (H1N1) and Wakonda.

Check out and start ordering some vanilla vapes today!

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