Commercial Umbrellas are a Colorful Way for a Business to Provide Shade

People are becoming more aware of the damage that direct sunlight can do to their skin. Given the choice they will often choose shaded areas rather than sunny ones to relax in. Restaurants, hotels and resorts understand this and they have worked hard to create relaxing outdoor spaces with lots of shade. While trees and plantings would provide shade, these take time to grow and require a lot of maintenance. They also tend to produce leaves and other debris. These can cause problems for pool areas. Commercial Umbrellas have become the first choice to provide shade for customers.

Companies such as ET&T Distributors have a wide choice of outdoor commercial umbrellas available for their customers. There are small and colorful ones that look great over sidewalk cafe tables. This is a perfect opportunity for branding that the restaurant owners shouldn’t miss. They can have custom umbrellas made with their name and logo. It can make an impressive display. These same tables and umbrellas look just as fabulous at a roof-top bar or pool side. Many hotel resorts have their own private beaches. While their guests love playing in the ocean, they also love the option of putting their chaise lounges and blankets under beach umbrellas. The hotel also has to provide shelter for their lifeguards with umbrellas on top of the lifeguard stand.

Recently giant Commercial Umbrellas have become quite popular. These have many different configurations. In some cases they look like a blend of a tent and a canopy. They can cover dozens of people at one time. Some have legs, others have a pole off to the side and a cantilever design. For the safety of the people underneath them, they are rated to withstand winds from 50 to 75 miles per hour.

Large umbrellas all have mechanisms that allow them to be retracted quickly. That way if a storm is brewing they can be folded in rapidly. This is similar to the actions that sailors take when they bring down the sails as a storm approaches. The umbrella fabrics are all UV treated and repel the heat. Usually there is a 5-year warranty on the aluminum poles and a 2-year warranty on the fabric canopy.

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