Breaking down the end times prophecy – Facing The Facts

Are we in the end times right now? If so, what should we expect to happen in the near future? If you are wondering about the end times prophecy, you may be concerned about what you read in the Bible or heard about in Church. Exploring the myths and breaking down the prophecy in detail can lend insight into separating fact from fiction. It is important in these modern times for us to reclaim our sovereignty and demand truth from those in religious positions of leadership. The days of blindly following are over and thus it is helpful to face the facts surrounding the end times prophecy for greater clarification.

Will the earth be incinerated?

You may have read an interpretation of the Bible’s last book where some type of end of the world burning will occur. Translators of Revelations portend that upon Jesus’ return, the earth will be incinerated. Apart from this translation lacking common sense, it is also not supported by a genuine interpretation of what the Bible really was trying to communicate. The true error of this understanding comes from a translation error that is actually over 600 years old. The error lies in that word “aion” in Greek which meant age however it was translated to say world. Thus the end of an age was translated to say the end of the world.

Peace of mind with more understanding

People around the world are beginning to seek truth and to find direction where it matters in their spirituality. The scholars who published and produced the Bible made the King James Version and the Douay-Rhelms versions which had the old translation. For hundreds of years these lies were passed down and although many of the publishers of the NKJV, the NIV, the ESV, and the NASB have corrected the error, the dogma still remains.

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