Beyond the Green

When it comes to keeping the rain off your cart and caddy, the superlative function of golf umbrellas on the back nine is not a common subject of dispute. However, these expansive canopies also have applications beyond the green.

Large Canopies

The larger size of these umbrellas lends them to many of the realities of modern life. People are getting bigger and taller, and all of our accessories have to keep up including umbrellas with larger sizes. Also, many urban commuters are now carrying rolling briefcases instead of more traditional hand held options. Keeping these carrying cases dry requires an umbrella with a larger surface area.


One of the major benefits of golf umbrellas is the amount of customizability, especially when you buy directly from the manufacturer. The most visible element of an umbrella is the canopy, and the cloth comes in a variety of styles from plain black to intricate prints and patterns. There are also different designs that include reinforced elements and other special features. Wind vented umbrellas resist blowout or other undesirable situations, while oblong and square layouts provide different levels of protection from sun and rain.

The hidden part of the umbrella is the structure supporting the cloth. This is an important element when considering the durability and weight of the overall design. High quality materials like steel or fiberglass each have different benefits. Another thing to consider is the material of the handle. A handle should be water resistant, but it should also be attractive. After all, you want something nice to look at while your umbrella isn’t in use.

All of these options mean that there’s a perfect golf umbrella for nearly any application. If you need rain protection for your city walks, try a fiberglass umbrella with a black canopy and a wooden handle. If you’re representing a company promoting a brand, go for a flash color and a noticeable design. visit website for more information on how to get the golf umbrellas you’ve been looking for.

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