Selling Your Old Coins

Many people find themselves with a collection of unique coins, after years and years of setting them aside. Even if you don’t have a coin collection per se, this may be your situation. If so, selling your old coins may be a great option. Read below to find out everything you’ll need to know before selling.

Do Your Research

Before you sell your coins, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. This is so that you won’t be taken advantage of and you’ll be able to get the best value for your coin. Check online to find the estimated value of the exact coins you have. Look for the deciding factors on your coin, such as quality, year and material. Keep an eye out for anything unusual on the coin, it may be important. You’ll want to become familiar with coin terminology so that you will understand the buyer. For example, the coin grading system goes from 1-70 and determines the quality of a coin, 70 being the best.

Find a Reliable Coin Dealer

Who you choose to sell your coins to makes all the difference. It’s best to sell your coins in person as you know your coin will be getting properly appraised. To sell coins in Chicago, find a dealer with experience and a good reputation. It’s a good idea to meet with a couple coin dealers and find out which of them will give you a better price for your coins.

Take Your Time

If you rush and sell your coins to the first buyer, you probably won’t be getting the best value. Take your time to complete the first two steps. Comparing dealers and prices will only end up getting you a better deal. Not to mention, the more you learn about coins and your own collection, the better you will be able to sell them and negotiate for them.

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