How to get professional results using gum paste cutters

Gum paste is one of the most flexible types of cake decorating materials. It forms a gummy and moldable texture that lends itself well to creating shapes, cut outs, and designs of all types. Gumpaste can be molded, cut, and shaped to make an endless array of unique designs and shapes to adorn cookies and cakes alike. If you are looking to finally get some creative and professional results in your baking, gum paste cutters offer the perfect solution.

Easy cutting and embossing

With professional gum paste cutters, you have the ability to easily cut out flowers, snowflakes, and holiday themed patterns of all types. Whether you choose to cut them out or emboss them, you are sure to enjoy the amazing results and the creative combinations you can come up with. One of the things that is great about using gum paste cutters is that the learning curve is not steep at all. You will be cutting and embossing in no time after a bit of practice with this excellent decorating tool.

Choose from a variety of different shapes and designs

It’s great having a wide array of various design and patterns to choose from when decorating your baked goods. When using gum paste cutters, you can select from a wide range of different shapes and designs that are sure to appeal to your preferences. Whether you are creating baked goods for a baby shower, birthday party, wedding, or other special occasion, gum paste cut outs are the perfect decorative accents for your baked treats.

Some of the various types of gum paste cutters you can use in your fondant and gumpaste cutting include figurines, flowers, borders, animals, geometric, theme sets, and many other types of cutters. At NY Cake, we feature sunflower and snowflake gumpaste cutters which can be used to create beautiful, decorative accents for special occasion cakes.

Make sure to invest in a quality collection of gumpaste cutters that will last a long time. In addition to gumpaste cutters, you may also want to explore the benefits of purchasing a gum paste modeling tool set.

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