Yoga Mat Rolls – The economical choice

Are you in need of a large bulk of yoga mats? If so, there are better alternatives than purchasing a bunch of mats all at one time. Instead, consider yoga mat rolls which can be cut down to size. By cutting the mats yourself you are able to save a significant amount versus the cost of buying ready made mats. This is an excellent option to consider if you are in need of a large amount of mats such as when opening a gym or a dedicated yoga studio.

Save money with yoga mat rolls

The choice to purchase yoga mat rolls instead of individual mats will allow you to continuously save over time. Whenever you need to purchase new mats, you can simply order more yoga mat rolls and enjoy the convenience of having many more mats on hand after cutting them down to size. Some of the advantages of purchasing mats in this format includes a lower cost and a more efficient system for acquiring the bulk of the mats needed for your local studio.

How long is each roll?

Yoga mat rolls are available in a variety of lengths, but one of the most popular lengths is 103 feet, which yields 18 full size yoga mats after being cut into even lengths. These mats are ideal for any type of yoga class where student are coming into contact with a hard floor surface, and they can also be put to use for exercise classes where they are required for floor stretches or standing exercises.

Yoga mat rolls in many colors

When you are making your selection of yoga mat rolls, you don’t have to stick with just one color. Select from a wide variety of different colors to match the theme of your dance or yoga studio. Order a combination of colors to add variation and interest to your studio, or match the colors to your gym’s brand.

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