3 Ways To Decorate A Manzanita Tree Centerpiece

For a striking and beautiful accent piece at any party, reception or event, a Manzanita tree is a great option. These trees, which are typically man-made and carefully designed to be fully balanced and very stable, can be large or small, creating just the look you need.

The style of the centerpiece can be uniquely your own. These trees are just the trunk and the bare branches. The man-made trees are formed into a heavy base that keeps them solid and stable, perfect on a table that may be jostled or bumped with people moving about.

As the Manzanita tree centerpieces can be designed to be more open, they work on any type of a table. Even though they are taller and wider than many centerpieces, they do not obstruct vision and line of sight if decorations are carefully selected.


One popular and relatively minimalist type of decoration for these centerpieces is to use tiny LED lights. The LED lights can be pre-set into the tree, which makes it very easy to simply provide power and create a beautiful centerpiece.

These are also great on a guest book or gift table, and then are also a nice addition in a photo area as well. Choosing a tree with a silver or gold metallic finish adds more glow to the lights for a very dramatic look.

Gems and Pearls

For weddings and holiday events such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, the Manzanita tree centerpieces can also feature hanging strands of faux pearls and gems. This is a dramatic look that adds to the color and dazzle of the trees. Each table can have a unique type of gem on the tree with pearls used to create decorative strands among the hanging gems.

Floral Accents

Another very popular option for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or quinceaneras is to add fresh flowers or silk flowers as decorations to the tree. The flowers can be hung using fishing line or ribbons from the branches, or they can be artfully placed in the tree to add a dash of color.

No matter how you choose to decorate them, these trees will make an impression. Originally very popular in the south and western parts of the United States, they are now seen in events all across North America.

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