Yes, Gin is Good for You, and Here’s Why

Commonly found in classic tonic cocktails and martinis, gin is loved by many for its subtle botanical flavors and aroma. What you might find surprising, though, is that gin actually packs quite a few health benefits, arguably more so than other spirits. Here are a few reasons to pick up a bottle during your next trip to the liquor store or order some gin online:

Juniper Berries

The main ingredient in gin’s botanical bounty, juniper berries have been used for medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages. This superfood is chock full of antioxidants, can help with pain and inflammation, can help lessen the duration of coughs and colds, and even aids in digestion. And since gin is made from a combination of botanicals in addition to juniper berries, you might pick up benefits from other ingredients. Dragon Mist Distillery takes pride in a special blend of botanicals including chamomile, spearmint, and fennel.


In addition to the potential for medicinal benefits, gin is also a good choice of spirit if you’re watching your waistline. Gin contains only 97 calories per shot, and the effects of juniper on your digestive system can lessen your risk of bloating. If you’re watching your calories, be sure to order your gin with seltzer or diet tonic water– regular tonic will bump up the calorie content of your drink. Or, just enjoy gin neat and savor all of the flavors and aromas. Looking to make your cocktails at home instead of hitting up the bar? You can order a variety of affordable, high-quality craft gin online.

The most important thing to remember is that despite all its potential for goodness, gin should still be drank responsibly and in moderation, as with all other alcohol. But now you know that the occasional cocktail or nightcap is better for you than you think.

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