Catching Up on the History of Green Tea and How to Enjoy It

In a country where black teas have been the norm for many years, green tea is quickly becoming more and more popular in the United States as time goes on. The common black tea is both aged and oxidized as part of its processing, but green tea is largely untouched and is quite close to being straight from the tree. Once infused in your hot water, it creates a very lightly colored but flavorful liquid. Green tea was mentioned in the Kissa Yojoki, or Book of Tea, which was written in 1191 by a Japanese Zen Master called Eisai. He went on to describe the shape and size of the plants, their leaf shape, described their blooms, explained how one would grow and process the leaves, as well as the way imbibing the brew could affect the organs of the drinker.

Different Varieties need Different Treatment

For true tea connoisseurs, the best loose leaf green tea is created only after you know which variety you have. Not all green teas are created equal and each brings its own flavor, liquid color and brewing requirements to the table. While you can brew any tea in any way you prefer, the temperature of the water and the time you allow the leaves to steep can result in entirely different flavors.

* There are 30 different varieties of Chinese green teas from 9 different provinces. These include the popular Longjing, Jasmine Tea and Da Feng varieties often used for cooking certain dishes, as well as for drinking.

* Japan boasts 17 different varieties of green tea including, but definitely not limited to, Sencha, which is one of the most popular, Gyokuro and Bancha which are also easily found and popular for their distinct aromas among green teas.

To Add or Not To Add; Which is the Best Option?

As with black teas, drinkers all over the world have been adding all types of fruit, herbs, spices and flower blooms to their green tea brews to add or alter flavors. Some of the most popular items to include are lemon peel, apricot, ginger, cherry and walnut. This is certainly not the limit, however, and there have been hundreds of other items tossed in and blended to try and get new and different aromas, tastes and benefits from the final brew. If you are new to the world of green teas, it would be a good option to test a few varieties on their own and then decide if you want to try the gourmet blends. You can also visit website domain for more information on green tea.

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