What Are Parachute Cord Bracelets And Their Benefits

Most people have heard of paracord and understand its advantages and abilities, but when people hear the term parachute cord, they are confused. Both options are considered the same though some companies will name it as paracord and others will use different names. Whatever you want to call it, there are many styles of bracelets out there made of the material, which can help save your life and can be used for various other purposes.


Real paracord has seven nylon cords, and each of those has smaller woven bands inside. All of this is wrapped in a nylon wrapper and can hold up to 550 pounds. Because of this, many people have started calling 550 cords.

It was first used in Word War II and was used to construct parachutes though it was quickly recognized as an excellent alternative for many other tasks. Today it can be utilized by both military and civilian people to perform various functions.

Most people are unfamiliar with military versus commercial grade products, thinking that all paracord is made the same. However, genuine military-grade options are labeled as MIC-C-5040 Type III and will have three strands, each with seven inner yarns. Commercial options may not have three strands of inner yarn or may not have seven inner strands though it doesn’t mean it is not good quality.


There are five primary benefits of using paracord in bracelet form. They include the inner strands, resistance to mildew/water, durability, lightness, and strength. The inner strands are made in such a way to be removed from the full piece, which means it can be used for many purposes, such as tinder for fires or tying down tents. Because it is resistant to water and mildew, it will stay strong in rain or snow. Though it is incredibly strong, it is still light-weight, meaning the bracelets can be made to wear around the wrist or ankle without causing undue stress.


The uses are limitless if you know how to use paracord, but a few options include braiding, building shelters, supporting/tying down tents, clothes line, tying down tarp, tow lines, pack straps, repairs for backpacks, and sewing. They can also be used as shoe laces, tinder for fires, zip line, to make a net for fishing, and as a trap snare or dental floss.

Parachute cord bracelets are very versatile and can be used in many emergency situations, as well as everyday tasks. Visit Survival Watch today to learn more about their brand of paracord products or to contact them.

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