Helpful Information on Purchasing Pearl Jewelry in Bellevue WA

Most people are amazed to learn the vast number of types of pearls available. Understanding these different types can allow a person to carefully shop for pearl jewelry in Bellevue WA. The beautiful pearl, whether cultured or natural, can perfectly star in or compliment a piece of jewelry. Becoming educated on this special organic creation will allow people to find the best pearl jewelry for investment purchases, gifts or for themselves. Types of pearls include:

     *     Japanese Akoya cultured pearls are investment quality pearls that are typically only sold in high-end jewelry stores like Tiffany Co. and Mikimoto. Each of these pearls is perfectly round and range in size from 1mm to 10mm.

     *     Chinese Akoya cultured pearls are less valuable than their Japanese counterparts and are often dull in reflection. These pearls range in sizes up to 8mm.

     *     White South Sea cultured pearls are higher grade and often used for investment purposes. These range in size from 7mm to 20 mm and are typically only sold at the most exquisite shops.

     *     Black South Sea cultured pearls are a beautiful shade of reflective black. These are considered investment grade and are often a rare type to find in jewelry stores.

     *     Golden South Sea cultured pearls are investment grade and feature a lovely golden color. They range in size from 7mm to 20mm and are prized for their unique color.

     *     Freshwater cultured pearls are not investment grade and can be irregularly shaped. The sizes of these pearls can range up to 20mm.

     *     High-Grade cultured pearls are not investment grade and are usually no larger than 8mm.

     *     Natural pearls can be freshwater or saltwater and are rare finds. These are the most valuable of any type of pearl, yet are extremely difficult to find.

Most Pearl Jewelry in Bellevue WA contains cultured pearls since natural pearls are very rare. When purchasing pearls, it is crucial shoppers are careful to spot fakes and know exactly what type of pearl they are purchasing so they are paying a fair price. For more information on purchasing beautiful pearl jewelry, Contact us right away. A jewelry collection is not complete without beautiful pieces of pearl jewelry.

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