Making A Modern Living Room

A modern living room is one which favors an uncluttered look, using larger modern sofas as well as other major pieces of furniture with clean lines rather than a host of many smaller pieces. A modern living room stays away from excessive details; trimmings, borders and edge treatments tend to diminish the look and feel of a truly modern living room. Of course every room has different dimensions but in general, when decorating a modern living room use the largest pieces available that will fit the room well. As you shop for the various major pieces keep in mind three core colors along with neutrals give a living room a clean modern look and appeal.

While it is not written in stone that you cannot use more than three core colors, too many colors and too many shades of the same color tends to detract from the at which differentiates a modern living room from other designs. Modern sofas should be used to make a statement, offer a dramatic impact so planning the colors and the design is extremely important. Traditional or country style living rooms can make good use of printed fabrics where the print is small checks or floral patterns, other than for an accent piece such as a throw pillow these styles of printed fabrics should be avoided. If your taste does run to prints rather than bold statements of color then limit them to only a couple of places in the room.

Most modern homes make extremely good use of bold, creative works of art. Although art can make a statement the same thing holds true as it does for patterns, only use a minimum number of pieces. There is nothing wrong with a cluster of smaller pieces of art in a modern living room this approach will not work well above modern sofas; this approach is fine when used on an accent wall. An accent wall is a notable component of a modern living room, rather than use the traditional approach of a common color on all walls; an accent wall painted in a contrasting color, with or without art is important. As the eye will be drawn to the core colors and large pieces of furniture it has been found that a neutral paint color on all walls except the accent wall wok best just as large pieces of wall art work best.

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