Illuminate Your Space With Headlamps

When you need to shed some light on an area, consider using headlamps. Of course you do not want to just wear a headlamp itself, the kind that are most useful are positioned beneath a cap. A hat made with a headlamp is versatile and can be used for many different things. They come in different styles and colors so there are plenty of hats to suit various occasions. Next time you find yourself in the dark, consider how convenient it would be if you were sporting a lighted hat.

Hands-Free Lighting Leads The Way

When you have a hat that gives you the perfect amount of light from beneath the rim, you have the means to do anything you need to with your hands free. Trying to hold a flashlight while you change a tire, look beneath the hood of a car, or even unlock a door can be cumbersome. A hat with a headlamp gives you the opportunity to turn a light on and use it for as long as you need it, then turn it off. Next time the electricity goes out you can put on your headlamp hat and find the breaker box much easier while your hat lights your path. This type of hat is also perfect for people that like to jog or walk at night in places that have little to no illumination. Now you can see where you are going and have less chances of tripping. Shed some light on home improvement projects when you have to crawl in a darkened area too.

It Is All Under The Brim

Light output that shines from beneath the brim of a stylish hat gives you the ability to illuminate many projects such as repairs, hunting outings, fishing trips, and many other dimly lit activities. A 3mm LED light is angled down at an angle of twenty-five degrees so you have light for tasks that are close up. There are also hats available with four lights, two at 3mm and two more at 5mm with the ability to choose between the settings for close up and distance lighting. A three way switch enables you to select from three options; close up, distance, or both. All you need is three AAA batteries to start using your hat. With a battery life of up to 117 hours, you are ensured plenty of time to keep a project lit while you work.

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