Ingredients Left Out of Organic Products at Trader Joe’s in Atlanta, GA

Organic is a label that people look for when purchasing products in Atlanta, GA. The organic industry is growing and faces strict guidelines from the Federal Government. In order to meet these strict regulatory standards, businesses have to comply with leaving things out rather than adding things into the final product.

One of the things that the organic industry has to leave out is hormones. Hormones are usually added in the food of cows, pigs, and other products. Hormones are used to increase production, the size and amount of the product. However, hormones are thought to cause problems in the development of children. Thus, hormones are one ingredient that the organic industry leaves out. A check of the labels at Trader Joe’s Atlanta GA will indicate when a company has not used hormones. This is a huge selling point for some products especially with beef and pork products.

Another thing that organic industry must not use at all is antibiotics. Antibiotics are used to help prevent some of the problems that are caused by disease. The thought is that these cows are healthier and live longer. But as with the hormones, antibiotics also have a potential dark side in their use. With too much exposure, the germs become immune to the effects. This makes it harder to treat diseases with the antibiotics that are currently on the market. Like the labeling for no hormones, the labeling at Trader Joe’s in Atlanta GA will indicate if no antibiotics are used.

If either hormones or antibiotics are injected into the food or the animal, the certification of organic is no longer applicable. This is because these ingredients are against the strict regulation of what it means to be organic. A farm could easily turn from organic into a non-organic one if close care is not paid to the food and wellness of the animals.

Organic is a growing industry with very strict rules. But what is important to note about the organic industry is that it leaves chemical ingredients out of the products. It avoids the use of hormones and antibiotics to keep the food products more natural.

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