Display The Inner You Through Custom Heat Transfer Printing

Custom Heat Transfer Printing is a relatively inexpensive method of printing unique designs onto almost anything. It is especially useful when the printed object is required to be produced in small quantities – even one-off production.

This method is widely used for adding customized lettering, logos or pictures to T-shirts and other cloth items. This can range from work or team uniforms to commemorative dates and even for producing shirt with your very own, unique design and picture emblazoned on it. Printed T-shirts definitely make a statement, whether to identify the wearer as a team member or to stress an individual’s identity.

Like many things in life, you can pay a professional to take care of everything required for your Custom Heat Transfer Printing job, or you can do much of the work for yourself at home. To do everything on your own will involve quite a high investment and, unless you plan to go into small scale production, you are not likely to see any financial return on that investment.

Spread The Investment Cost

Be it mass production or Custom Heat Transfer Printing, some sort of printing equipment is a must. The basic principle is that a mirror image of the final design is first printed onto special release paper. Then, under heat and pressure the inks are transferred from the release paper and on to the required object.

The cost advantage for Custom Heat Transfer Printing is that a single object and a single transfer are placed simultaneously into a heat transfer printing press for the application of the necessary heat and pressure required to make the transfer.

If the object has a hard, impermeable surface, or does not lie flat, the transfer press can be quite expensive. Therefore, you might not wish to conduct your own Custom Heat Transfer Printing onto decorative mugs, etc.

However, when the object can lie flat and can be permeated, such as a T-shirt, for example, the press can be purchased at a more affordable price suitable for home use. You would still need to buy the object but it is not necessary for you to invest in the special papers, inks, dyes and printing methods required for the production of the heat pressable transfer itself.

If you have a computer with a graphics program installed, it is easy for you to prepare the original artwork for your unique design. All you then have to do is email the file to a professional transfer maker and, a few days later, you will be printing your customized shirt.

For Custom Heat Transfer Printing, you do need to invest in a heat transfer press. However, it is usually best to purchase your transfers from an expert like Gulfside Heat Transfers. Browse their website at domain URL for all the details.

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