Gold Barbell Body Jewelry: Subtle by Design

While big, bold and loaded with precious gemstones fits some people’s personalities, others prefer going a little more subtle with their jewelry. Even with body pierces that include the lip, nose, naval and tongue, subtle is sometimes better. This is where gold barbell body jewelry can really fit the bill.

What is the Barbell Design?

Barbell jewelry is about as basic as it comes in regard to style, size and shape. This type of jewelry generally involves a shaft of metal that’s capped off with beads at either end. While it doesn’t lend the bold sparkle of a gemmed piece, it can say a lot about the style of the wearer. Since this jewelry is rather plain by design, it doesn’t tend to detract from other style statements such as clothing, hair, makeup or other pieces of jewelry. It’s a great complement piece, however, in that gold tends to go with just about everything.
Why Go Simple?

There are a number of reasons why people select basic gold barbell body jewelry pieces. Here are just a few:

* The simplicity – This piece of jewelry is rather straightforward, and as has been mentioned, catches the eye without taking away from other style statements.

* The quality – Plain 14K gold jewelry might not be quite as flashy as a gemmed piece, but the truth is the quality is still in the design. Gold pieces tend to last for extremely long periods of time unless they are damaged and they look good without any extra particular care.

* The pricing – When plain gold barbell body jewelry is selected, the pricing won’t be as high as some other options, but the quality will still be there. This is a nice bonus for those who cannot afford hundreds of dollars, but still want a piece that’s going to stand the test of time.

First Piercings

Plain gold barbell body jewelry is often selected for use during the piercing process for a
few good reasons. Most people have a high tolerance for wearing gold and this type of high quality piece doesn’t tend to present any allergy issues. As a result, it’s a great choice for first piercings or 50th. Plus, its subtle style wins out.

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