Consider Your Options For An Electronic Cigarette Charger

If you love vaping as much as we do then we know you have experienced the frustration of heading out in the vehicle, to the office or for a night on the town only to realize you have left your electronic cigarette charger somewhere else.

Does that scenario sound familiar to you? If it does, and we know it does, we have the easiest and most cost effective solution possible. That is to stock up on at least one additional electronic cigarette charger and keep it in your vehicle, your office desk or even in your briefcase.

New Styles for an Electronic Cigarette Charger

If you haven’t had a chance to shop for electronic cigarette parts and accessories for a while then you may not be aware of how sleek, streamlined and functional the new models or charges are.

Most of the new electronic cig chargers are going to feature an easy to use USB connection. This means that you can charge them from anything that has a USB port, including any computer, your vehicle, laptop or other type of device.

Talk about convenient; you can working at your desk and easily charging your electronic cig, and since the systems are designed to be discrete your boss and coworkers won’t think twice about what you may be doing.

A More Advanced Charger Option in Electronic Cigarette Accessories

If you have more than one vaping system, and we hope that you do, there are even universal chargers that can make charging any batteries a snap. These systems, NiteCore is one brand that we sell, will automatically determine the type of battery in the charger and they optimally charge for that specific battery.

In addition these chargers do allow for manual settings as well. With the two or four batteries in the charger being independently monitored automatically by the system and showing you want is going on with a LED display we know this is a top option for anyone serious about their vaping.

At Mt. Baker Vapor we know how important having a great vaping experience is to our customers. This is why we recommend having several chargers around and on hand so you are never left scrambling to find good batteries.

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