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Tips for Designing Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Most women would agree that the most important piece of jewelry they will ever receive in their life is their engagement ring. This symbolizes the promise of forever with the person they love. The only thing that can make this moment even more special is if their partner has created something custom


Finding High-Quality Accessories for Today’s Gauged Ears

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when it seemed that every teenager and young adult was jumping on the trend of gauging their ears. This process – involving the use of graduated plugs to facilitate the gradual stretching of the preexisting holes present in earlobes from traditional piercings – was


Wood Tunnel Gauges Bridge The Past And Future With Style

Wearing ear tunnels is one of the newest fashion trends that can be seen more and more frequently. People who want to wear ear tunnels have to stretch out the piercings in their ear lobes until they are large enough to wear these pieces of jewelry. If you want to do this,


How to Select the Right Nose Ring

Nose piercings have become more widely accepted now than it used to be in the past. Years ago, employers would not allow workers to have them while working. They often would ask them to remove them while at work or find a size or shape that wasn’t as noticeable. While some companies


What You Need To Know About Sapphires As Engagement Rings

Sapphires have been a favorite gemstone choice for centuries because of their naturally gorgeous blue color. They are a great way to provide your bride with “something blue “on her wedding day. They are considered to be one of the four most precious jewels, along with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Sapphires are

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