Baby Gift Baskets Prove There is No Such Thing as Too Many Gifts

One thing is for certain: a new mom cannot get too many gifts at showers or parties held in the baby’s honor. Infants seem to need an unlimited supply of clothes, toys and supplies. Though you can give one baby item, most people want to celebrate a new birth by giving several gifts. To make multi-gift giving practical and easy, personalized baby gift baskets were created.

Gift baskets come in all sizes and contain a variety of items. You can purchase a themed basket like one for bath time or bed time. There are also plenty of baskets that contain a mix of clothing and toys. Choosing the right basket depends on a number of factors that include:

* Gift budget
* Whether or not you know the infant’s gender
* Preferences of the parents
* Relationship to the family

Family members tend to give higher priced gifts because it gives them the opportunity to help the expecting mother stock up on the dozens of items needed to care for an infant. Following are some helpful hints for choosing the right gift basket.

Something for Every Budget

There is no need to worry about your budget for gifting because gift baskets are sold in a wide range of sizes and thus prices. Even the smaller gift baskets contain a number of items like a brag book, print maker for hand or feet impressions, shakers and burp cloths. Of course, the basket itself becomes a useful storage or decorating item once empty.

More expensive gift baskets will include larger items like a baby blanket, shakers, a plush Teddy Bear, print maker, shakers and a toy. Once the basket arrives, it is always a nice touch to tuck in something more personal, like a handwritten message to the baby.

Baby’s Gender

Most parents today know the baby’s gender before the child arrives. That makes it easier when gift shopping because it expands the options. If you know whether the baby is a girl or boy, you have the choice of buying gift baskets containing mostly blue or pink items.

However, infant gifts do not have to be limited to just pink and blue. Yellow, green, lavender and a host of other colors are appropriate and can really liven up a basket’s presentation.

Parent’s Preferences

One of the considerations to keep in mind when buying baby presents is the parent’s preferences, if known. It may be the parents are short of particular types of items. For example, they may need more bath time supplies or more diapers. In that case you can buy a bath time themed basket or a beautiful diaper cake.

Relationship to the Family

The secret is out! Family members, godparents and best friends tend to buy the largest gifts. Besides wanting to show the love they feel for the parents and baby, it is a great opportunity to buy, buy, buy for the baby.

Gift basket and gift sets designed for infants come in a range of themes, colors and prices. They make gift shopping easy, except for one problem. There are so many great choices, it may be difficult to pick only one. There is always the hope that you will get invited to more than one shower!

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