An Amazing Selection of Red and White Wine Grapes

Looking for grape vines? At, we feature a wide variety of wine grape vines, and are pleased to help our customers plant, grow and harvest the fruits of their vineyards. Whether you have a small personal garden to which you want to add one vine, or want to expand your commercial vineyard, we’re your best resource.

Little is more luxurious or sensual than a fine wine. It’s even better when you can step outside and look at the very vine from which that wine came. Grapes and their vines add a timelessness and drama – not to mention color – to your landscape, and produce a delicious fruit unlike any other. We love this business, and enjoy serving hobbyists and professionals alike.

Harvest Express carries both red and white wine grapes vines for sale. Take some time to browse through our gallery of available types, and select the vine that appeals to your sense of taste and beauty, as well as your budget and climate parameters. Because we present an array of varieties, you’re bound to find the perfect vine. Further, each grape type includes some basic information on the grape itself and how it’s typically used.

Differing from table grapes intended for fresh eating, wine grapes are grown to produce an excellent beverage. Table and edible grapes are generally larger and more visually appealing. Their skin is thin and easily popped through with the teeth. Wine grapes, on the other hand, are small and thick skinned. They contain less juice than edible types, and are full of seeds. Their sugar and acid content is also significantly higher. While seeds can be found in both table and wine grapes, they are often bred out of edible grapes to make them easier to eat. However, seeded grapes do contain greater flavor than the seedless varieties.

Wine grapes come in a massive number of varieties. Perhaps most familiar are Riesling, Merlot, Pinot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and some others. You’ll find all of these and more at Once you’ve selected your grapes, stop at the equipment page to ensure you have the supplies you need. For expert advice, contact us via the website, or call during regular business hours.

The team of is passionate about grapes and dedicated to helping our customers produce a fabulous red or white wine. For delicious, top quality and affordable grapes, check out the wine grapes vines for sale on our website.

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