How to Use a Sand Ceremony at your Caribbean Beach Wedding

If you are planning a Caribbean beach wedding there is nothing more poignant or romantic than adding a sand ceremony to your wedding vows. Although many cultures use unity candles to symbolize the joining of two people and two families, sand ceremonies offer a lovely symbolic option ideal for beach weddings. Sand ceremonies use two different colors of sand to represent each of you and are blended to create a unique design you can cherish for a lifetime. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate a sand ceremony into your Caribbean beach wedding:

* Man and Wife: You can elect to have the sand ceremony represent each of you as individuals. Each of you can choose different colour sand and a lovely glass vase and then together pour your sand into the vase at some point during the ceremony. You can then have the vase placed on your head table during the reception for people to admire.

* Blended Family: In marriages that will be blending two families not only the bride and groom but each of the children can select different colour sand and blend them together to make an interesting pattern. This way the kids are involved and it will show how the two families are now joined as one with the marriage of the parents.

* Kids: If you already have kids together and have decided to tie the knot you can also have your children choose a colour to add to the vase.

* Layering: You can opt to pour your sand together or have each of you pour the sand in layers. Layering is especially beautiful when you have more than just the two of you participating in the ceremony.

* Beach Sand: The beauty of the Caribbean wedding and the sand ceremony is that you can also have the celebrant scoop up some sand from the beach as a base for your ceremony. You will then have a memory of the place you stood and made your vows to each other.

* Wedding guests: Another idea is to provide small bags of many different colors of sand and have a larger vase in which guests are invited to add sand as they arrive at the wedding. Because destination weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate this can work very well. The vase can then be carried to the altar area by one of the wedding party so the bride and groom can add their own sand during the ceremony.

Sand ceremony kits can be purchased online making it easy to incorporate them into your destination wedding ceremony.

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