4K Ultra HD Televisions aren’t Just About Improved Definition

There are many types of technology that have improved in the TV industry over the years. However, there are some that have been slow to come around in terms of advancements. Since there’s a great deal of talks about 4K Ultra HD Television technology, it’s important to understand how this type of technology represents a significant advancement in areas of that have seen little advancement over the years.

When people talk about 4K televisions, most of the talk is centered around its resolution. While it is true that 4K televisions offer double the definition of current high-definition televisions, and while this catches a lot of people’s attention, it isn’t the only benefit of 4K ultra HD televisions. In fact, for many people, it isn’t even the best feature that these televisions have to offer.

In the past, high-definition televisions have operated on a colour space scale that has largely been untouched since the advent of high-definition televisions. This protocol is known as Rec.709, and it has been relatively unchanged since 1990.

This format offered a very small sampling of colours that the human eye can perceive, and this is the type of color representation that has currently been offered by televisions, even in the more recent high definition offerings. However, 4K Ultra HD Television offer a more expansive colour range. These televisions provide not only additive colours, which blend light to make various different colours, but it also adds subtractive colours, which actually add pigment to various colours in order to make them more realistic, or to make a more vibrant picture.

In addition, 4K ultra HD televisions have the ability to offer colours in a new format known as Rec. 2020 or DCI P3. This further expands the colour gamut and allows televisions to go away from simply using the blending light nature of additive colours in order to expand and further enrich the viewing experience.

While there can be a great deal to be said about the better definition, adding that with better color saturation can make for an extremely enjoyable viewing experience. If you are interested in learning more about the basic features of 4K ultra HD televisions, as well as learning more about the technical details of these televisions, you may want to visit website.

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