Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The bathroom once was an outhouse separate from the home with no lighting other than the moon and a hand light. Bathrooms evolved indoors, but still weren’t seen as a luxury. Today, the bathroom can be a full retreat space with hearty ambiance. From candlelit intimacy to television options; the bathroom today is full service. Lighting is vital in designing your bathroom.

Lighting options for the bathroom are endless. A couple of perfectly placed lamps could take care of that bland bathroom alone. Vanity lights give the intimate feel of candles without the issue of lighting candles and dealing with smoke stains. Bathroom sconces add an artistic feel to highlight bathroom walls. Whether you have paintings, or you let lighting itself work the art, consider where sconces could do most of the work. Mirror lighting is important as well. Mornings, the light should be brighter for work preparation. Evenings, one might want a calmer more intimate feel. A dimmer switch installed on your mirror lighting will allow you to create the feel you want.

Bathroom fans are an important element of your space. Without a vent pulling moisture from the bathroom, you open up the danger of mold and wall damage. While it’s an inconvenience in some ways (noise, attractiveness), there are options for those who don’t want the usual design. Bathroom lighting Chicago residents love, include options that are nearly silent fans along with lighting that compliments your bathroom. Your vital exhaust fan no longer has to look or sound like a necessary unwanted guest.

When you are designing your bathroom lighting in Chicago, consider the pros at Active Electrical Supply – Fox Lighting Galleries. Their options for bathroom accessory lighting is endless. From sconces to the silent running fans, they can help you figure your perfect design.

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